Implant retained crowns and bridges

Implant retained crowns can be the ideal  way to replace a missing tooth. It is the nearest thing to a like for like tooth. It is fixed to your jaw bone, avoids the need for preparation of your healthy adjacent teeth as in a conventional bridge and feels and looks like your natural tooth.

Replacing a missing teeth is important for many reasons.

Losing a tooth has an effect on neighbouring teeth, they can shift or even collapse, opposing teeth can grow into the gap, making it difficult or even impossible to replace in future. Your jaw bone starts shrinking and the gum pulls back accordingly.

Missing teeth and bone can no longer support your lips from the inside, and your face will change and look older and wrinkly. Your cheeks and lips are left without support and become hollow and saggy.

You may start to avoid eating certain foods that have become difficult to eat. You may become self conscious and avoid ceratin situations in everyday life.


A bridge is a set of natural looking replacement teeth. Securing a bridge on one or more dental implants avoids the need to grind healthy adjacent teeth.

This treatment option

  • helps to replace multiple missing adjacent teeth

  • helps to prevent teeth from moving

  • ensuring chewing function is restored and

  • counteracting further bone loss via bone stimulation while chewing