Your new patient journey

Before your appointment

  • We may send you information ahead of your appointment.

  • We may ask that you update your medical history form and return to us.

Your appointment day

  • Before you leave home make sure you have been to the lavatory, brushed your teeth and hydrated.

  • Please come alone or with a carer if essential with the least amount of belongings and valuables.

  • Please call the practice when you arrive or ring the bell. The door will be closed.

Entering the practice

  • We will open the door or call you when it is time to enter the practice.

  • Our receptionist will be behind a plastic screen and you will be asked to hand sanitise upon entry.

  • There will be no patients in the waiting room and you will be guided to the treatment room by a nurse.

  • The practice will be clutter free with no magazines or water cooler.

In the treatment room

  • Before you enter the treatment room you will be asked to place your coat and belongings in a box outside the surgery.

  • Due to the nature of what we are doing we will not be able to social distance from you.

  • To be able to provide care to you our team will be wearing additional PPE to what you are used to.

  • You may be asked to swill your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution prior to the treatment.

  • The surgery will be cleaned and disinfected between each patient.